During my years of experience with astrological guidance; I could make out that a very great number of persons who contacted me for guidance; were in fact victim of low self-confidence, fear, depression, anxiety and confused due to their lack of overall idea as to what life is all about.
In my pursuit to help them, I could see that logical guidance has very little impact on the persons affected with above symptoms. It led me in to quest to find effective tools to help such persons. It became very clear that the roots of such problems lye deep within the mind of such persons. It was therefore, necessary that the tools that could access the subconscious mind be utilized. After many experiments, I could see that the Hypnosis Therapy is most beneficial under such circumstances. 
This site is designed to facilitate development of higher understanding of normal persons about the meaning and purpose of life. In this line, on this site, it has been our endevour to create understanding and general awareness of people about the right use of Hypnosis. The ensuing spiritual wisdom and joy of living would be the by-products of the main course of development of this understanding. 
While anyone can safely use the general relaxation tools provided here, by no means, we suggest or intend that people should jump into using Hypnosis by themselves. It would be good enough that this site creates awareness about consulting a true expert in the field and get proper guidance and treatment.