Who should undergo Hypnosis?
  • Anyone who is concerned with improving one's emotional wellness, Hypnosis is most effective and beneficial.
  • Self Hypnosis is very good for setting one self free from addition. Habit of Tobacco, Smoking, Alchohol etc. can be effectively given up and the relapse possibilities are minimized. 
  • Hypnosis can free people from the fears developed out of childhood issues. 
  • The use of Hypno Therapy has been very popular for Weight control and combating obesity.
  • Anyone, who has dipression or anxiety should resort to Hypno Therapy. This can reduce the risk of dependency upon drugs. 

  • Hypnosis can be very helpfull to persons who suffer from chronic pain out of diseases like Migraines, Arthritis  etc. In the event where there is no medicine or if the prolonged use of some medicine causes dreaded reaction, Hypnosis can be used as effective pain management technique. 
  • Hypnosis is a boon for people who are suffering from sleep disorder. 
  • Hypnosis can be very effective in reducing stress level in the persons who worfk in such a profession where the nature of duty or the work place environment creats stress.
  • Anyone who wants to remove one's limiting beliefs and replace them with positive motivating beliefs can take help of Hypnosis. Athletes and sportsmen do take hypnotherapy.