You ask:  

what is the meaning or purpose of life?  
I can only answer with another question:  
do you think we are wise enough to read God's mind? 
                                                 - Freeman Dyson -


The subject of ‘understanding or finding the purpose of life’ is taken up very seriously by people with religious and spiritual bent. 

In most religions and philosophies, the purpose of life has an alien treatment. It is generally accepted that the source of human spirit is God and every spirit has to return to the source one day. The soul incarnates the earth to develop higher virtues and to have physical experience through relationship. 

How strange, it could be that the same people strive throughout their lives not for ‘Life’ but for ‘Getting rid of Life..!! Don’t they strive for ‘Liberation’, ‘Emancipation’, or ‘Nirvana’?

The longing for liberation from the worldly life is not because the life on earth is not enjoyable. It is, in fact repulsion from the selfish approach that the spirit experiences because of association of Mind and Ego. The real craving is to get rid of the paradox of conflicting attributes of pure soul and the worldly Ego. Because of this association of mind and its attitude, the soul gets contaminated and has to keep coming again and again for cleansing and to learn lessons of pure virtues like Love, Patience, Magnanimity, Empathy, Compassion etc. During this cycles out of interactions with other souls, the soul generates mutual karmic dues. 

Thus, the purpose of life on the earth for an individual soul is to develop higher qualities and evolve and settle the karmic dues, side by side. 

Because of diversity in the approach of the soul and the Mind and Ego, great conflict takes place and many problems are generated. The overall, life becomes troublesome rather than being enjoyable. 

How nice it could be, If only, the soul can remember its purpose of learning higher values and can appreciate the law of karma during its stay here ? And how nice it could be if the Mind and Ego cooperates with the soul in learning higher values by perceiving the right way ? The problem is with the approach of mind. If we can take care of the attitude of mind, life can be enjoyable. 


If you randomly stop any man on the road and ask him as to where is he going and why; you will get a reply without delay. However, if you ask a person 'What for he is living?" or 'What is the purpose of life?' you will, most probably find ignorant faces. An average person seldom knows the answer. Even there are millions of us to whom the question never arises. What a fun that everyone is living but no one knows ‘why?’

The question is quite simple and yet the most puzzling one. As we enquire, we find different answers from different sources. The religions have their own but different answers. The philosophers have their own ideas. Mythologists view it differently and so do the sociologists. Rather than indicating the ‘purpose’, each presents different perspectives of life. An answer that can be accepted by all unanimously is yet to be found.

We are not able to find most convincing meaning of life because we don’t know whether our birth is our own selection. We try to find the logic of our existence. However, It would be natural for logical mind to be ignorant about the meaning of ‘life’ because it developed much later after our birth.

At this point, we can make out that the exercise for finding ‘Purpose’ or ‘Meaning’ of life is very complex. No two intellectuals would ever accept each other’s point of view. On the other hand, for the majority of common men, the best option is to find ways and means to live life happily.

“What is the purpose of life?” 
- We don’t know.

“How long is the journey?” 
 - We don’t know.

“What is the destination of this journey?” - We don’t know either..!

So, in the face of these major uncertainties, it’s only wise to enjoy every moment of it (of course) without hurting others..!!