We have many misconceptions about Hypnosis. People at large, upon hearing of 'Hypnosis' immediately recall image of a person with strange deep eyes, pendulum in his hand and turning the other person dumb..!! This is because of the Stage Hypnotist when hypnotism is performed for entertainment purpose. People still believe that the power of hypnotist enslave the subject person. It is, therefore, good that we clarify " what is not Hypnosis" before we know what Hypnosis really means. 

The Person inducing Hypnosis has mysterious powers
This is totally wrong. Whatever happens during Hypnosis is the output of the person who is undergoing Hypnosis. The Hypnotist only helps the subject to getting into the state of 'Trance'

Hypnosis is a risky 
and an 
 Unusual condition

This is not true. Hypnosis is a natural condition. We get into this state many times during our day-to-day life. Whenever, we totally focus in a particular activity and do not take cognizance of other things, we are under Trance.e.g. Watching a movie, reading a novel, driving etc.but we do not realize this. 

The Person under Hypnosis loses his self control and can speak out his secrets.  
This is totally wrong. During the whole process, the person remains fully conscious and at no time can be made to reveal his secrets.A person under Trance never goes helpless. If the Hypnotist unduely tries to do so, the subject will feel uncomfortable and will come out of the Trance. Studies have shown that the subject under hypnosis can and does reject suggestions of some types.

Only the mentally weak person can go under Hypnosis

Some people are mentally resistant to being hypnotized. During Hypnosis, a mentally strong person can better focus on his subject and hence can get into hypnotic trance in a better way. Getting in to Trance is not a challenge. The person undergoes Hypnosis to resolve his problem and hence, resistance is meaningless. 

A person who is more intelligent or imaginative and who has more ability to concentrate, can have better experience of Trance provided he has approached the expert with receptive attitude.


Hypnosis is Sleep or being Unconscious.

During Hypnosis, the subject remains totally caml but conscious. Because of deep relaxation, the eyes are closed but mind is aware about the environment and what is going on around. Trance is a state of hightened state of consciousness. The brain waves are different during sleep and during Hypnotic Trance.

Hypnosis is Occult.                    

There is nothing like occult, No special rituals are performed, no Mantras are recited nor spells are cast. Hypnosis is just a natural state of mind attained by the subject and the Hypnotist is just guiding the subject.

A person can get stuck during Hypnosis 

Normally, all therapists bring the subjects back to fully awakened state. However, if this is not done, or if there is any break or interruption during the trance, the subject would most naturally return to awakened state or will fall asleep.. No one ever gets stuck to the state of Trance.