Trance is an altered state of mind. However, here we are discussing about Hypnotic Trance. Trance is the heart of the whole Hypno Therapy. 

During the process, the subject's unconscious mind gets activated and the conscious mind remains relaxed and in slightly dormant state, just good enough to cooperate in the process and to respond to the suggestions. 

Because of the loosened control of the conscious mind, the thoughts, imagination, fantasies and fears hidden in the unconscious mind get a chance to come on the surface and get projected. Because of the relaxed condition, the subject's ability gets increased to accept the suggestions given by the expert. 

Under the state of Trance, the expert guides the subject towards memories of past events which could be probable cause of some behavioral issues or even strange symptoms of physical disorder and pain. The subject re-experience the past events and under the guidance of the expert, modify the wrong inferences taken in the past. This becomes possible as the person is able to bypass the limiting beliefs

The experiences, revelations and what transpires out of a Trance session are found in many different ways and patterns. Some people experience like they were watching a movie with full and continuous story of event/s. Others may experience like watching snaps of different happenings or many snaps of a single happening. 

This may be out of the subject's own past experiences of the current life or it can be from the past life. While some person do not feel like they watched it like a film, they just report that during the Trance they just felt something happened. The Trance experience of different persons can vary depending upon individual's degree of being imaginative or ability to visualize of the person. Whatsoever, experiencing though any mode or in any of the forms is considered natural as far as benefits of Hypnosis is concerned.

The benefits of regression or hypnosis can be availed only when the hypnotic Trance has effectively been induced. To ensure this, it is for the subject to make sure before beginning of the session, about the methodology to be adopted by the expert. A good expert would normally adopt some test on the subject to verify that the trance is effective. Normally, this is done by conducting arm levitation, checking the rigidity of arms and eye lock test.

Having understood the process of trance, it should be clear that the person appreciates the value of his own mental make up and preparedness for under going trance is more important. It can be considered more important than even the skill of the expert. If the subject person is hyper active or more analytic type, the quality of Trance may remain poor and so would be the expected improvement or yield from the whole exercise. It would be better for such persons to get totally convinced about the whole process before undergoing it. There is no place for being judgmental or analytic during the Trance.

During the hypnotic trance, the subject may experience uncommon things like clairvoyance or telepathy. 

The altered state of consciousness, make the subject forget one's individual constrained self which make it possible to expose one with the utter unity. 

Feeling one beyond the confines of space and time is a very common experience with the subjects having even slightest of spiritual orientation. In many cases, the subjects are observed to give information apparently supernatural. 

The advent of self-hypnosis and past life regression has opened a vast vista of great psychological and spiritual advantages. Its
promises for improvement in the areas of tapping individual potentials be it in worldly or spiritual fields. 

As then mind opens up to frequencies from the environment without passing through the discretion of filter of reliance upon the five physical senses; the extra sensory perception takes place.  

Subjects suddenly exercise power of having in possession of knowledge beyond physical laws and realities. Feeling beyond the space-time reality is very common experience. 

Beyond all the benefits; the experience of personal fulfillment is a unique and price-less benefit of Hypnotic Trance.