Choosing a Therapist


With the spread of awareness about Hypnosis and Past Life Regression, there has been a sudden rise in the Trainers and Training institutes in almost all areas. Opportunities are available in form of personalized tuition, class-room coaching, Online courses and even software applications.  

While there are online classes available, most hypnosis practitioners believe that Though personal tuition is the best way of learning Hypnosis,  online courses are best suited for people who cannot find time and person in local area. 

Either you decide to learn under personal guidance of an expert or you join an online course, it is always good to verify about the credential and reputation of people involve. Internet forums and groups are best sources to have such reviews. However, here also it is good to be watchful about hidden publicity. 
Selecting the guide is very catchy thing. One has to be careful because the guide will be dealing with your subconscious mind when your conscious mind will be hyper-suggestible. A person dedicated to the profession and with high degree of ethics need only be trusted. 

The real and genuine guides and the institutes never put big claims. They, on the contrary suggest to approach the therapy without expecting great mysterious revelations etc. 

Never fall prey to boasting agencies who claim like Tantric about interesting past life stories and having special powers to induce trance to any one etc.. The genuine ones always are humble in admitting that some people may never get into trance..and that there is no special power in the person who is inducing trance.. the outcome comes always from the mind of the person who is undergoing the therapy and the therapist is just guiding the process.

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